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Some of my Offerings

Rev. Michlynn offers a variety of Life Cycle Celebrations including, but not limited to Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Celebrations of Life & Funerals, Memorial Services, Baptisms & Baby Naming, Home & Business Blessings. Each celebration is personalized to include all Faiths, Denominations and Cultures.

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Traditional Weddings

Your special day is a time to celebrate and witness the legally binding vows of your love for each other. Rev. Michlynn gracefully connects with the elements as she assists you in planning a service that meets all your wishes and needs. She can join you in a variety of venues from beaches, backyards, cottages and parks to legions, restaurants, wineries and homes. Let Rev. Michlynn create a pre-written, customized ceremony for any size wedding.

Commitment Ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies are notable events in our lives. Unlike the traditional wedding this type of ceremony gives you the freedom to choose and to honour any customs, traditions and rituals without legal limitations. Handfasting Ceremony - Element of Spirit, Candle Ceremony - Element of Fire and Rose Ceremony - Element of Earth, Wine Ceremony, Fruits of Creation - Element of Water, are just a few of the spiritual partnerships Rev. Michlynn can co-create with you. 

Celebration of Life - Funerals

How we experience grief varies and can be influenced by the nature of our loss. Rev. Michlynn is certified in Hospice Training and Grief Counselling. She has shared her compassion and understanding at home and abroad. Her deep connection to the earth element allows her to be grounded and focused as she creates a service that honors your loved ones’ memory. Droplets of water kiss my face, as I feel my loved ones’ soul move into a sacred place. – author unknown - 

Baptisms - Baby Naming

A Baptism ceremony is not just for babies, children of any age can have a ceremony. It is the perfect opportunity to declare your promise to your child before your family and friends. Rev. Michlynn calls on the Element of Water to cleanse and bless your loved one. *** Please note Baptisms and non-denominational. Once your child is old enough to choose his/her own faith they WILL be able to present themselves as a fully baptized person. *** 

Home & Business Blessing

Energy cannot be created or destroyed - Albert Einstein Positive or negative energy affects not only our physical self but also the spaces and places where we live, work and play. Energy imprints can be held in homes, buildings and in the earth. Rev. Michlynn connects with the Element of Spirit to clear that which no longer serves the space. Her personalized blessings create a space open to increased productivity and well being. 

Spiritual Mentoring - Soul Retrieval

Rev. Michlynn provides you with a Present, Future and Goal-Oriented Approach to life challenges. This is particularly valuable in assisting those transitioning from relationships, to careers or other life circumstances. Working with a coach/mentor provides a co-creative approach to problem solving and accountability. With the help of the Elemental Energies Rev. Michlynn helps you find solutions that work in your life and help you reach a balanced state of Being. 

Intuitive Energy Work & Readings

Rev. Michlynn encompasses a variety of Holistic Healing Modalities and Elemental Energies during her sessions. Her passion for spiritual growth at all levels assists in helping you with divine guidance, clarity, direction and inspiration on your journey. She believes we exist as ONE. We are connected to source and thus resonate with the elements. Her process lends to healing and energy work that can shift mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  

Certification Courses & Workshops

Rev. Michlynn offers certification courses in Reiki I, II and III, Reiki for The New Energies and EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. As her connection to the elements shifts and changes, so will the content of the workshops and courses. Let Rev. Michlynn create an informative and experiential workshop for your next gathering to add to your spiritual knowledge and understanding. Please contact her for details on dates and locations of workshops near you. 

Public Speaking

Rev. Michlynn is available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of subjects. Her talks are empowering, informative, motivational and uplifting. Topics include but not limited to: Personal & Spiritual Growth, Goddess Energy Renewal, I AM Enough, Intuitive Healer Within, Creating Inner Happiness, Positive Affirmations in Everyday Living, Connecting with Spirit, Grief Support, Life Cycles, Long Distance Healing and Connecting with the Elements.