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I met Rev. Michlynn many years ago through a community of spiritually centered individuals. I 
immediately felt connected to her effervescent personality. It has been a joy to follow her journey of self discovery and expansion. She has such an authentic and vibrant way of being in this world. May she  continue to share her blessings with many people.

Love and Gratitude
Lisa Parker
Pickering, Ontario

I met Michlynn about 5 years ago when we both worked as Fundraisers for a Christian based Charity. Our role was to promote child sponsorship to help break the cycle of poverty, prevent disease, supply clean water, and empowerment through education and awareness. I realized the first day I worked with Michlynn she had the precious gift of love, compassion, generosity and empathy towards others. Coupled with her approachable nature, not only did Michlynn set the standard for our team, but she was a blessing as a Fundraiser as she is driven when it comes to helping and aiding others in need. She has been a close personal friend and mentor and has always been there for me. I respect her wisdom and insightfulness and appreciate the time she has given me to help with my personal growth. Her encouraging words and gestures come sincerely from her heart.

Last but not least, and actually the most important to me is her Spiritually. Michlynn has guided me to explore my own Spiritual Journey, helping me find my own purpose and direction. She has taught me to let go of my fears, allowing me to explore my own consciousness and replacing it with a thirst for knowledge, experience, and adventures. Michlynn radiates fearlessness, curiosity, peace, wonder, love, and so much more. When I see her strength and commitment, it helps me to absorb her serenity.
Donna Budz
Toronto, Ontario

Rev. Michlynn is wonderfully connected and attuned to the universe and its messages. She has been a trusted mentor and guide for many years. I am honored to have her in my life as I live out my journey.
Ramona C.
Toronto, Ontario

I took my level 1 & 2 Reiki with Rev. Michlynn and it was such a wonderful experience. She kept it easy to understand and really reaffirmed that the energy I was aware of previous was truly there, and something to tap into. She created a safe, caring, supportive space for connection. Rev. Michlynn ensured we all left feeling balanced and clear. Rev. Michlynn Thank you for sharing this gift, I look forward to embarking on Level 3 with you. Namaste
Tanja S.
Whitby, Ontario

I had such a positive experience in meeting Rev Michlynn. She was very open minded and seemed very sincere. I never felt rushed, my issues were heard, and I was given good sound advice. I left Rev Michlynn's feeling so much lighter, and that I mattered.
Wendy Bhatti 
Whitby, Ontario

My mother had battled with Alzheimer's for 4 years. It was a very rough journey for her and for my family but peace had finally come for her. I wanted her funeral to showcase her life and memories. I had not seen Rev. Michlynn in years, but my brother had, and he had mentioned that he had been at a funeral recently and that she had been a strong force in organizing and implementing the funeral service. He suggested we have her help us as well. I agreed to speak with her, thinking we could use the help. I wasn't let down .Rev. Michlynn spent some time talking with me to see what I had in mind and then gave some great suggestions in regards to speeches and the overall flow of the ceremony. She also put together her own dialogue (with my ok) and organized the service. Her compassion and thoughtfulness we're translucent and her organization was exceptional. She did what we couldn't do at our time in mourning, without her help it would never have gotten done. Thank you Rev. Michlynn, I know my mom would have been proud.
Krista McFarlane
Aurora, Ontario

Learning Reiki levels 1 and 2 with Michlynn was an eye-opening experience. Rev. Michlynn creates a very comfortable, safe, and hands on space. Her practice-and-learn-by-doing attitude allows you to go through the entire Reiki process and she gives you the freedom to make the experience your very own while remaining a steadfast guide through it all. She is very open to all questions and shares her knowledge and external sources that may help your own journey even after the program is complete. This experience not only taught me the Reiki 1 and 2 basics, but it taught be so much more about my own self and how to better maneuver through my own energy. I look forward to eventually completing the level 3 program with her in the future.
Lesley T
Toronto, Ontario

There are important people in my life who are important symbolic anchors for me, Rev. Michlynn is one of them. For me she embodies and exudes what in Hebrew is known as emunah, unwavering pure faith. She has caught me with deep compassion and support in challenging times. She continually had guided me towards the light and healing power of spirit. She is a divinely playful spirit whose boldness to live in her truth is a continuous wellspring of inspiration. I feel blessed to have such a teacher in my life. Amen!
Mali Rosen
Toronto, Ontario

Thank You Rev. Michlynn for your blessed heart. My first healing session with you was amazing. Soul Retrieval was profound and allowed me to dig deeper into my soul. I am fortunate to call you my mentor. I'm so glad that I was guided to you for my Reiki 1, 2 & 3 Attunements. I love your deep compassion for humanity. You are a soul sister. I love you.
Annie Balgobin
Pickering, Ontario